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Why Choose the PR Method over in-office Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Appointments?

  • You get to be in charge of your care

  • Save valuable time by utilizing only the most results-focused techniques and exercises...WHEN and WHERE it's convenient for you

  • Have a complete step-by-step system backed by more than a decade of in-clinic success with real athletes  

  • Learn how your body works and why your day-to-day warm-up and recovery choices determine your injury and performance outcomes

  • Improve your posture and form to enhance your athletic performance

  • Gain the confidence and skills to keep achieving new levels of running success  

The Complete Solution:

All your hard work is about to pay off.  You will PR your next race.  
You will complete your training plan without having to skip weeks or
months due to pain and injury.  You will cross the finish line feeling
like you are on top of the world...A New PR!


That is...unless you have an unresolved injury from last season that is starting to make itself known once again.  Did you fully heal it, or is it just "better"?  These things have a way of getting worse and more complicated with time.

The PR Method™ is the NEW way to stay injury free and boost your performance

Take control of your injury cycle by learning the right way to:


  • Prepare your body for running, while assessing your muscles and joints for warning signs 

  • Make intelligent decisions on which muscle care techniques, stretching activities, and stabilization exercises to use

  • Build a stronger foundation for your athletic performance gains

Want to stop worrying about it? 
I have answers for you:

Know Your Injury Status

Learn Innovative  Muscle Recovery

Reduce Load on Your Body

Prepare Your Body for Performance

Stabilize Your Core

Proven Results

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