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Meet Dr. J


Sports Injury and Performance Specialist 

Dr. Jared gained a reputation for exceptional results in the Chicago sports injury market and was sought out by athletes at every level, as well as Hollywood celebrities filming in Chicago.

Since retiring from full-time practice, Dr. Jared has focused on creating programs to help athletes and fitness professionals across the globe quickly resolve and prevent sports injuries, and get the most out of their athletic performance with the PR Method™.  Dr. J is also passionate about greyhound rescue in the United States and Galgo rescue in Spain.

Dr. J consults for private practice doctors who aspire to be future thought leaders in Sports Chiropractic and injury prevention.

If you are interested in jumping to the front of the sports injury pack, reach out to Performance Recovered for to connect with Dr. J.

Why I Created the PR Method™

I love helping runners stay on track with their training. Nothing makes me happier than to hear them say, "I did it! I PR'd my race" with huge smiles on their faces. I created this step-by-step system through more than a decade of learning what runners need most: to understand when and where the injuries are coming from, and then show them the fasted way to solve them. My program is about getting results faster so you can focus on your races...not sitting on the sidelines.

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