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Stay In Control
this running season

Eliminate injuries, boost performance,

and gain the confidence you're looking for

DISCOVER SUCCESS:  "It was four weeks before my race when I was sidelined from Ironman run training with a back injury. Thanks to Dr. J, I was able to PR IRONMAN Wisconsin! Would highly recommend to fitness enthusiasts for injury prevention, repair, and overall strengthening."                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Megan S.   Chicago 

Detect and Prevent Injuries


Reduce Recovery


PR Your "A"


The PR Method™

Make your running season stress free by keeping your body in top shape

with this proven step-by-step system to identify and prevent injuries-in-progress,

recover faster, and boost your athletic performance.

Get ready for your best season yet!


Amplify Movement Efficiency for More Effortless Speed + Reduced Body Stress

Enhance Muscular Coordination to Create Balance + Stability 

Increase Muscle + Joint Resilience with Optimized Range-of-Motion


Hi I'm Dr. Jason Jared, DC

Creator of the PR Method™

I have practiced Sports Chiropractic and created innovative muscle therapy techniques and core muscle and posture-based rehabilitation protocols to enhance athletic performance since 2006, when I was a member of Sports Council and an Intern in the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Department at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Since opening my sports injury practice in 2007, I have focused on empowering athletes and helping thousands of runners and triathletes hit their most challenging race goals.

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